The Best Beauty Secrets From The Royal Family

The best kept Royal beauty secrets

Amy x

In homage to the coronation, this week we’re talking all about royal beauty secrets. I don’t know about you, but I often wonder how they’re always so beautifully turned out?! So this evening, we’re taking a sneaky peek behind the scenes to uncover their top tips and tricks to looking perfectly presentable at all times. Here’s the tea 😉…

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s hair is something I’ve admired since the day she got engaged. As the owner of a head full of fine, limp hair myself, you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve spent on hair tools over the years trying (and failing), to recreate her bouncy blow-dry.

So imagine my surprise when Kate’s hairstylist, Richard Ward, said that her secret is to use a 2in1 shampoo and conditioner?! Although it sounds like it couldn’t possibly provide enough nourishment, apparently this type of product gently cleanses and moisturises in one simple step and doesn’t strip the hair of necessary natural oils.

Of course, I’ve been massively influenced and mine is now on the way to me as we speak! I shall report back ASAP with my findings and let you know if it also works for those of us with less luscious locks!

The Best Beauty Secrets From The Royal Family

Princess Diana

To this day, Princess Diana’s timeless beauty is admired across the world. She always looked elegant, glowing and effortlessly chic and most of her iconic looks were created by her makeup artist, Mary Greenwell. I’ve personally followed Mary since I was a teenager and believe it or not, the makeup techniques she used on Diana are easily recreated at home.

Mary is famous for using only her hands to apply products rather than any makeup brushes. The warmth of her fingertips helps products melt into place for that ‘my skin, but better’ look and for this reason, she usually opted to use cream-based products over powders on Diana’s skin.

Not only did this stop anything settling into fine lines and pores, but it also created that warm, radiant glow we still remember the late Princess for today. So maybe it’s time we stopped worrying about cleaning our makeup brushes and simply went back to blending with our hands instead!

The Best Beauty Secrets From The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth was notoriously private, so it’s incredibly difficult to find her true beauty secrets. However with that being said, in all my research, the one thing that comes up time and time again is her dedication to moisturising.

No matter how hectic her schedule was or where she was in the world, apparently she never skipped her face cream. The late Queen was said to have opted for a multifunctional product to target numerous concerns in one quick application, which would explain why she continued to look like an English rose right the way through her 90s.

Fingers crossed my dedication to daily moisturising pays off in the same way!

The Best Beauty Secrets From The Royal Family

Meghan Markle

As Meghan Markle was an actress before she married into the royal family, her beauty toolkit is a little easier to delve into. And funnily enough, her top tip for healthy, youthful skin just so happens to be one of my favourites too…Face massage.

In an interview she said, ‘On the days I do it, my cheekbones and jawline are waaaaay more sculpted’ and she even opted to have a course of Buccal Massage before her wedding too. This treatment involves the therapist massaging your face from inside your mouth to melt away tension and instantly sculpt your face.

If that feels like a step too far for you though, don’t worry! I have many quick massage videos on Instagram that will rapidly define your features at home, and I’ll link one here to get you started.

And that’s a wrap on our royal roundup! If you’ve been celebrating, I hope you’ve had a fabulous time with friends and family. And if not, here’s to an extra day off tomorrow.


Amy x

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