Jennifer Aniston's £10,000 Beauty Secret Revealed - Lymphatic Drainage

Jennifer Aniston's £10,000 beauty secret

Amy x

This week Jennifer Aniston shared a ‘Summertime Photo Dump’ on Instagram and it blew-up the beauty industry!

In amongst the beautiful pictures of her frolicking in the sunshine with her beloved dogs, there was an image of her laid on the gym floor wearing a pair of lymphatic drainage trousers.

Now, lymphatic drainage has been a hot topic over recent months and the Google searches for ‘lymphatic drainage massage’ have more than doubled in the past 30 days alone…But, what the heck is it and should you be doing it?

Jennifer Aniston's £10,000 Beauty Secret Revealed - Lymphatic Drainage

Understanding Lymphatic Drainage

Your body has a lymphatic system that is designed to maintain fluid levels, support your immune system and filter out toxins through your lymph nodes. I like to think of lymph nodes as Brita water filters - They take all the nasties out of your lymphatic fluid so that your body remains as healthy, balanced and youthful as possible.

However, unlike your circulatory system that has your heart to physically pump the blood around your body, there is no engine behind the lymphatic system. This means as we age, the process of filtering the toxins slows down and we can end up with fluid retention, puffiness and bloating as a result.

Jennifer Aniston's £10,000 Beauty Secret Revealed - Lymphatic Drainage

Jennifer Aniston's Secret Weapon

So, this is where Jennifer’s magic trousers come in. They inflate and then deflate in a rhythmic cycle to physically move the build up of lymphatic fluid in her body, towards her lymph nodes to be filtered.

Unfortunately, I suspect very few of us have a pair of these £10,000 pants lying around though 😂 But thankfully, it’s very easy to recreate the results at home without spending a penny...

DIY Lymphatic Drainage Techniques:

1.  When applying your body lotion, don’t work down your legs and arms. Instead, work upwards moving towards your heart. This is the natural direction of lymph flow and physically giving it a helping hand will have your skin looking and feeling smoother and less puffy within minutes.

Jennifer Aniston's £10,000 Beauty Secret Revealed - Lymphatic Drainage

2.  To combat bloating, use gentle clockwise circular motions when working on your tummy.

3.  Face massage. Lymphatic drainage massage has incredible benefits for your face if you suffer from a dull, tired complexion. Filtering the toxins makes your skin look instantly brighter, minimises breakouts and reduces morning puffiness for a naturally, well-rested glow.

  • Apply your 5 Minute Kit products using sweeping motions down your neck, as lymph nodes are located near your collarbones. When treating your face, work from the centre outwards to target lymph nodes around your hairline, delivering a delightful lifting effect.
  • For your eyes, apply the Miracle Eye Complex in circular motions. This technique specifically targets lymph nodes located at the inner corners, effectively reducing eye bags and enhancing the serum's de-puffing benefits.
Jennifer Aniston's £10,000 Beauty Secret Revealed - Lymphatic Drainage

So, although it may be nice to simply lay there and have the magical lymphatic trousers give your body a boost, you can certainly recreate the results by simply changing the direction you’re applying your products. You’ll get the infamous Jennifer Aniston glow, without spending £10k 😉


Amy x

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