Look and feel the
best version of you.

BASE SKNCARE uses active ingredients in our skincare products
BASE SKNCARE is created by Amy Frith, A qualified skin expert.
All of our skincare products at BASE SKNCARE are vegan and cruelty free
BASE SKNCARE is made in the UK

Treating the one skin condition, we are fortunate enough to face.

Amy has bottled her clinic-perfected formulas to create the Proactive Age Range; Six skincare products that proactively treat skin ageing so you always look and feel the best version of you.

BASE SKNCARE featured in Living Edge Magazine
BASE SKNCARE featured in Vanity Fair
BASE SKNCARE featured in Cheshire Life

"Just over a month into my wonderful little kit and I'm blown away with the results. I've tried to remember the last time my skin felt this good but it's honestly been so long."


"I've been through a lot of different moisturisers however I finally have one that my skin actually loves."

Julia Barrow

"I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since using the super serum. It smooths and hydrates without any adverse effects and I couldn't be happier with it!"


"I absolutely LOVE this cleanser. My skin has never felt so soft and nourished. It's now the favourite part of my routine and I get excited to use it every morning and evening."


Get Amy's prescribed skincare routine


The face behind BASE


There's no 'I' in SKNCARE

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