I have always wanted to be an Aesthetician…

Quickfire Skincare Q&A...

1. What's your favourite skin tip everyone needs to know?

Always remove your eye makeup by working from the outer corners, inwards. I know it sounds like such a simple tweak, but it stops you pulling or stretching the skin outwards and minimises the formation of lines and wrinkles.

2. What skincare mistake makes you wince the most?

Using SPF in makeup, as it just doesn’t protect your skin properly. Firstly it only blocks the rays that burn your skin, not the ones that age it and secondly, you’ll never apply enough foundation to get the coverage you need. So, a separate, stand-alone SPF is essential for maximum protection and for keeping your skin youthful too.

3. What's the one piece of advice you tell all your clients in clinic?

It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. Many clients have asked me if their skin is ‘past it’, but there is genuinely no such thing. Introducing a consistent skincare routine will deliver transformative results at any phase of life.

4. Do you have any skincare sins?

Not moisturising my body after every shower. If I’m in a hurry, this is the first step I skip, so I’ve recently swapped my shower gel for a shower oil. This locks in tons more moisture and my limbs have been super grateful for my busy day, backup plan!

Aside from skincare, what’s one self-care ritual you never compromise on?

A good nights sleep! Not only does our skin renew and repair itself during the night, but it also allows my mind to totally recharge too. Waking up in a good head space ensures I make healthier choices for my body, so I can glow from the inside out.