The Most Common Skincare Mistakes I See - By A UK Aesthetician

Most common skincare mistakes I see...

Amy x

Today we’re talking all about the most common skincare mistakes I see in clinic, that can unintentionally wreak havoc on your skin.

Although these tiny mishaps can cause major issues, they are thankfully super easy to rectify…So, let’s undo the damage together 🙌🏼

#1. The Hair-Drying Horror

I briefly mentioned this slip-up on social media the other week and so many people reached out to say they’d accidentally fallen into this trap. So I thought we’d do a quick recap for anyone else in the same boat 🥰

When it comes to drying your hair, it’s super important that you do it BEFORE you apply your skincare products. This is because the intense heat of the dryer can potentially alter or deactivate some of the ingredients, which then stunts the results…Imagine it a bit like leaving the milk out of the fridge all day. When it’s not kept at a steady temperature, it starts to spoil.

So I always advise applying your products after styling for maximum benefits. It also allows you to embrace that full Beyoncé moment without your hair sticking to your face and for extra glow, blow dry on a lower heat setting to prevent dryness and dehydration.

#2. The Bacteria Breeder

Once you’ve cleansed your face, it’s totally natural to reach for a towel to pat your skin dry. But this can have negative consequences for two reasons…

Firstly, towels can breed bacteria and when you press the germs into your freshly washed pores, they instantly make themselves at home, quickly becoming blackheads and spots. Secondly, your 5 Minute routine absorbs far better on a slightly damp complexion, as the moisture helps to draw the products in even deeper .

So to turbo-charge your results, once you’ve finished cleansing, just sweep away the excess water with your So-Soft Face Cloth and aim to apply the next step within a minute.

If like me you happen to get side-tracked in those 60 seconds though, you can also keep a mini spray bottle filled with cool, boiled water on your dressing table. Give your skin a fresh spritz before you apply your serums and you’ll be good to go again 😊

#3. The Milia Maker

I receive numerous messages about milia each week, which are those tiny white dots commonly referred to as milk spots. They usually settle directly under your eyes and despite being totally harmless, I know they bug many of you.

The main cause is using rich, heavy products directly under your eyes as they congest the fragile skin. This is why I always recommend using an eye serum like the Miracle Eye Complex rather than a thick eye cream.

The other common mishap that can cause them is using your moisturiser too close your lash line. So when you’re applying your One Cream Wonder, imagine you’re wearing a pair of swimming googles and not only will it deliver radiant, youthful skin, but smooth, bump-free under eyes too.

*Top Tip - Opt for a lightweight, brightening concealer rather than a thick, full coverage one in this area and it’ll also help to keep the milia at bay 😉*

Although each of these errors are tiny, the devil is always in the detail and correcting them can genuinely have transformative effects. I have heaps more mishaps I could share from my years in clinic too, so if you’d like to hear more, keep an eye out for part II 🥰

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!