My 3 Easy Steps To Instantly Look Less Tired - By A Skin Expert

My 3 easy steps to look less tired

Amy x

After all the excitement of a special occasion, getting back to reality can sometimes feel a little heavy. And as your eyes are the window to your soul, it’s hardly surprising that your internal exhaustion is reflected in your ever so sleepy peepers.

But, fear not…Today I’m sharing my 3-step toolkit to instantly bring back the brightness, so you look and feel rejuvenated.

Here’s my step by step guide…

Step #1. Ice, ice baby

Now, I’ve tried almost all the self-care trends and have a bookcase full of self-development books. Each agree that ‘cold water therapy’ is a game-changer for your mind and body, however, you’ll never find me stood under a cold shower after dragging myself out of my cosy bed on a morning!

So, I compromise and only embrace the icy stuff where I really need it - Around my eye balls. Exhaustion can cause fluid retention and excess blood flow which means we wake up with swollen eyes that look half their usual size. Ice therapy works to constrict the blood vessels and melt puffiness away at lightening speed and there are a few easy ways to incorporate it.

Firstly, you could just run your So-Soft Face Cloth under super cold water and gently hold it over each eye for 30 seconds after cleansing. You could also keep 2 spoons in the freezer and sweep them over your lids whilst the kettle boils in the morning, or simply keep your Miracle Eye Complex in the fridge and apply it cold. All work wonders in under a minute.

Step #2. It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it

One of the main giveaways of your inner sleepiness is dark under eye bags. They’re usually the culprits of the ‘Are you feeling ok?’ comments meant with good intention, but that leave you feeling a little deflated.

Thankfully this can be easily treated too. The Miracle Eye Complex alone will tackle all signs of tired eyes, but the way you apply it has the power to supercharge the effects. So rather than just slapping it on as quickly as possible, use your ring finger to work it in with circular motions and each time you reach the inner corners, do 3 little pulses.

Much of the darkness is caused by a pooling of waste fluids known as lymph. So by giving your system a helping hand and draining this waste towards your lymph nodes located on the inner corners, allows your body to effortlessly drain it away and leaves you looking instantly refreshed.

Step #3. Banish the black

For anyone who’s followed BASE for a while, you’ll know that my black eyeliner is tattooed on both my top and bottom lash line. I love the touch of definition it gives when the rest of my face is bare, however, I kept my waterline free from pigment so I could still use this clever little trick

Often when we’re tired, our eyes can look red and inflamed. The best way to neutralise it is with a nude coloured eye pencil rather than a black one. All you need to do is carefully sketch it along your water line as the last step in your makeup routine and it will instantly make the whites of your eyes appear whiter and therefore, more well-rested.

For an added boost, use a good old lash curler before applying your mascara to make your eyes look wider too. My Mum has had one in her makeup bag since she was a teenager and mine hasn’t left my side since the first day of secondary school either!

Alongside this toolkit, I hope you’ve found time for some well-deserved R&R this weekend. As much as we can correct the effects of tiredness externally, restoring peace internally will have profound effects too ❤️

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!