Amy Frith of BASE SKNCARE - My skin week from hell.

My skin week from hell...


Last Thursday, I had the absolute pleasure of celebrating a wedding for two of our best friends. The day itself couldn't of been more perfect, however the days leading up to it were far from joyous...

Three nights before the wedding, I decided to smother myself in body oil in preparation for the big day. All was going swimmingly until I took the small amount of excess in my hands and pat it into my face…

Big mistake!

Amy Frith - My skin week from hell

I have been using BASE for years now (if we include the developmental stages) and I’m genuinely serious when I say my skin has never been better. So much so that I forget it was ever problematic or temperamental.

After applying the oil, I hopped into bed feeling so proud of my wedding preparations. But when I woke up the following morning and looked in the mirror, I was met with a shock…A red, blotchy, broken-out face.

As you can see from my (very grumpy) pictures, it was difficult to tell if I was covered in hives or actual blemishes. With hindsight I can tell you it was in fact, a full face of breakouts.

With just over 48 hours until the wedding, I tried not to freak out. I ditched the gym in favour of my Proactive Age Kit as I knew it would rebalance my skin in the fastest way possible.

By Thursday morning (the day of the wedding) things looked so much calmer. I did use foundation to cover up the remaining discolouration and luckily no one noticed. We were all far more engrossed in the stunning bride and groom.

Since then things have almost returned to normal. It took BASE less than a week to completely revive my skin and I feel like I’ve fallen back in love with it all over again.

Amy Frith of BASE SKNCARE - My skin week from hell.
Amy Frith - BASE SKNCARE - My skin week from hell before and after pictures
Although the Kit is formulated to treat skin ageing, it also balances your skin by restoring your skin barrier. This means it treats inflammation such as spots, redness, irritation and dryness with ease.

I wanted to share this little experience with you because even as a skin expert, my skin can play up. The best piece of advice I can give you is not to panic and to get straight back to your skincare routine. I created BASE so that it's everything your skin needs to look and feel it’s best.

Amy x


Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!