A skin experts shares the biggest skincare mistakes you must avoid

Spooktacular skincare mistakes you must avoid


Since Halloween is about everything ghastly, today I wanted to unpack the most horrifying skincare mistakes that genuinely send shivers down my spine. I see them time and time again, so this evening I hope to break these nasty spells and lay them to rest for good..Mwhaha!

Mistake #1. Believing there is no way back

Through my years as an Aesthetician, I have heard the line ‘oh there’s no hope for me, I’m past it!’ more times than I can count. People genuinely believe that at a certain age, it’s simply game-over and there is nothing they can do to improve the quality, health or appearance of their skin…But that honestly isn’t the case!

Just as a doctor would never tell a mature patient there’s no point eating healthily and exercising anymore, a skin expert would never say it’s too late to care for your skin.

The thing is, we underestimate how quickly both our bodies, and our skin can adapt to positive changes. A routine such as the one found in the Proactive Age Kit is as much about correction as it is prevention, which means the active ingredients and formulations deliver exceptional results, at whatever age you try it.

So, when it comes to reversing signs of skin ageing, you don’t need to hold out for a magic youth potion from a white witch. Consistency, self-care and a helping hand from BASE is all you’ll ever need for complete skin confidence.

A skin experts shares the biggest skincare mistakes you must avoid

Mistake #2. Turning your products into potions

Very often when I meet new clients in clinic, or people email me for advice online, they will either bring me their current product collection or send me photographs of it. More often than not, there will be dozens of bottles involved and many will have been held onto for so long that they’re discoloured, smudged and illegible.

The thing is, skincare actually comes with best before dates and it’s super important we adhere to them. Firstly, this is because the power in active ingredients gradually declines over time, so they won’t be making the impact they should be if they’ve been lingering at the back of the cupboard. Secondly, they may go off colour, develop an odour and cause reactions like a vile potion brewed in a leaky caldron. If they’re unpleasant to use, it’s a sure sign that their time is up.

To determine how long your products will last, locate the symbol on the back of the bottle that looks like an open jar with a number inside of it. The number indicates how many months the product is safe to use once open and for reference, all BASE products have a 24-month shelf life.

A skin experts shares the biggest skincare mistakes you must avoid

Mistake #3. Not dodging the sun like a vampire

We attended a beautiful wedding at the start of the month and whilst there, someone came over to talk to me about their skin. They were telling me all about their routine but finished on the line ‘I’ve popped the SPF in the cupboard until next summer now though!’…It took all my might not to delve into my bag and smother them in the backup BASE Protection – SPF 50 I always carry with me...! Fortunately, I manged to restrain myself and instead simply explained this common mistake.

The reason many people believe SPF is only required during the hot and sunny months is because we’re more likely to burn during this time. Burning is caused by UVB rays which are significantly stronger during Spring and Summer, than they are throughout Autumn and Winter. However…There is another type of radiation known as UVA that remains at a constant high despite the season. Although it doesn’t burn the skin, UVA radiation causes severe damage which can lead to wrinkles, collagen breakdown and even skin cancer.

So, whilst I’m not suggesting you become a vampire and dodge the daylight at all costs, I am advising you apply your SPF 50 every single morning come rain or shine, to keep you and your skin protected at all times.

I hope that’s helped to put these menacing mistakes to bed. As always, I could continue writing this endless list of skincare horrors, so make sure you are following along on Instagram where I’ll continue to bust myths on a daily basis 🥰

Amy x

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!