The Best Alternatives To Botox - By Amy Frith. A UK Skin expert at BASE SKNCARE.

The best alternatives to Botox

In last week’s blog I briefly mentioned the word ‘Botox’ and I’ve had so many questions about it, and the available alternatives. The same happened a few months ago when I shared my thoughts on the topic and again, my inbox was overflowing. It appears that even for those who don’t want to go down the injectable route, we are all pretty keen (or at least, intrigued), to achieve the same skin smoothing results.

So today, I’m going to cover all the best Botox alternatives you can use at home, to help keep your skin healthy, glowing and youthful. There is absolutely no agenda here, I’m completely and honestly neutral on the Botox front. This is simply the advice I give my clients in clinic who don’t fancy the injectable route and equally, I share the same tips with clients who are looking to extend the longevity of their Botox treatments.

Let’s dive in into the skin smoothing options…

Bathe in SPF...It's not just about wrinkles!

Ah yes, my beloved SPF. SPF has been scientifically proven to reduce up to 90% (yes 90%) of skin ageing caused by the sun. However, it’s so often overlooked.

Skin ageing isn’t just about preventing lines and wrinkles. It’s also about reducing pigmentation, minimising broken capillaries, evening skin tone and texture and keeping pores refined and skin plump.

As Botox only targets the facial muscles and not the skin itself, it can treat the wrinkles, but it can’t touch these other aspects of sun damage, that can make our skin appear far older than it actually is.

So, whether you chose injectables or not, applying a layer of our BASE Protection – SPF 50 every single morning is essential. It will keep your skin fully protected from all forms of sun damage and is potentially the best thing you’ll ever do for your complexion.

The Best Alternatives To Botox - By Amy Frith. A UK Skin expert at BASE SKNCARE.

Workout your facial muscles

Face massage was one of my favourite things to learn when I was training and I still practice it daily on myself, even if just for a minute when cleansing.

The idea behind facial massage is that it sculpts your face and loosens tension in your muscles to prevent them creasing quite so much throughout the day…A bit like when you have a back massage and they ease the tension around your shoulders. All of a sudden you walk taller and hold yourself straighter.

Face massage also helps to bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the surface of the skin allowing it to rejuvenate faster. The repetitive motions increase lymph drainage too which instantly reduces puffiness and drains the toxins from your complexion, for an instant glow.

If you don’t know where to get started, I have a whole follow-along library on Instagram that you can watch right here.

Give your skin an at-home treatment

It will be no surprise to you that microneedling is top of my list for an at-home facial treatment. Not only does it work to stimulate collagen and elastin production, but it creates millions of tiny micro channels into your skin that have been proven to increase product absorption from 4% to 70%!!

This means all the powerful active ingredients in our products, can work up to 66% better and take the results of your routine to a whole new level. Our Pure Roller treatment takes just 5 minutes, and you only need to do it twice a week to supercharge your skincare results and soften lines and wrinkles.

The Best Alternatives To Botox - By Amy Frith. A UK Skin expert at BASE SKNCARE.

Embrace Active Ingredients

And last but by no means least, wonderous active ingredients. If you played along with this week’s ‘Skincare School’ on Instagram, you’ll know that active ingredients are the ones that are scientifically proven to change your skin and generate results. And when it comes to treating lines and wrinkles, there are a few in particular that are absolute game-changers…!

#1. Retinol: Potentially the Queen of active ingredients, Retinol accelerates cell turnover and collagen production to make your skin act and look younger. We use the highest quality, gentle form of Retinol in our Ultimate Moisturiser, so that you can use it daily for all the incredible results, with none of the typical side effects.

#2. AHAs: These exfoliating acids help to slough away the dull, lacklustre top layer of skin to unveil the smooth, even, glowing one below. To get the best from them, all you need to do is apply a few drops of our Exfoliating Cell Renewal Serum each evening. The 5 AHAs within the formula will get to work as you sleep, so you wake up to radiant, youthful skin every morning.

#3 Peptides: Peptides help to build essential proteins in the skin like collagen and elastin. These proteins firm and plump the skin and are best applied in serum form so they can work deeper and faster. This is why they are packed into our Super Serum and just one pump each am and pm under your moisturiser, is a miracle worker!

Side Note: If you’d like all these ingredients in one place, they’re perfectly balanced in our Proactive Age Kit so you don’t even have to think about it.

The Best Alternatives To Botox - By Amy Frith. A UK Skin expert at BASE SKNCARE.

And those are my top recommendations for Botox alternatives. It also goes without saying that practising general self-care is key for maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Eat well, stay hydrated, move your body and get plenty of sleep…These little things are far more powerful than we ever realise 🥰

Amy x

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