Amy Frith, a UK skin expert at BASE SKNCARE, shares her top tips on how to safely get a sun tan

The best tanning tips you've never heard!


Today I’m writing about a subject that goes against one of my core skincare beliefs…sun tanning. Putting my strong feelings to one side however, I know I must be realistic and understand that despite my words of wisdom, many of you just can’t resist that bronzed goddess glow…And after the fake tanning disaster I had this week (Yep, they happen to us all!), I can’t always say I blame you.

I feel very much like a parent who knows it’s time to have the ‘birds and the bees’ chat with their child even though they’d rather pretend whatever they plan to get up to, isn’t happening 😂 But, the more information I share, the more informed choices you can make to keep both you and your skin out of harm’s way.

So, as many of you lucky things begin jetting off on your summer holidays or plan to enjoy the long summer days in the back garden, here’s how to tan as safely as possible...

Tip #1. Your body has an actual limit

Did you know that your skin actually reaches a tanning cut-off point where it can’t produce anymore tanning pigment?! This means it is completely pointless to lounge by the pool all day long and bake your body.

It goes without saying that everyone’s cut-off point is different and the fairer you are, the shorter it is. On average though, you’ll reach your tanning peak at approximately a couple of hours (this will vary depending on sun strength). After this time, you’re just submitting your skin to pure UV damage so it’s best to cover up, find some shade and give your skin a break.

Amy Frith, a UK skin expert at BASE SKNCARE, shares her top tips on how to safely get a sun tan

Tip #2. Pick the right type of rays

Although sun beds may seem super convenient, they provide the worst type of tan possible. They mainly use UVA rays (the ones that age us) and provide no benefits at all to our body.

The sun on the other hand gives us both UVA and UVB rays. The thing about UVB is it’s great for Vitamin D production so boosts your mood, bone and muscle health alongside your skin colour. For this reason, and as much as it pains me to say it, it’d be much healthier, more natural and safer to lay in the sun for 10 minutes than baking on a manufactured bed.

Amy Frith, a UK skin expert at BASE SKNCARE, shares her top tips on how to safely get a sun tan

Tip #3. Boost your natural SPF

Certain foods are known to help increase Lycopene, which is the skin’s natural form of SPF and helps to prevent skin cell damage. It’s a powerful antioxidant which has been proven to boost your sun protection levels by up to an incredible 33% and is naturally found in red fruits and vegetables.

The humble tomato is notoriously the best source which means concentrated tomato puree packs a punch in this department. However, if you don’t quite fancy a pool-side spag bol, a light capresse salad would really help to naturally boost your skin protection factor, whilst embracing the great outdoors.

Amy Frith, a UK skin expert at BASE SKNCARE, shares her top tips on how to safely get a sun tan

Before I go, I must clearly state that as a professional I am not advising sunbathing of any kind. I’m simply saying that for those who enjoy it and will partake no matter what, these are my top tips for limiting the damage.

It also goes without saying that absolutely none of the above should be done without smothering your body in a broad-spectrum sunscreen and applying a layer of BASE Protection – SPF 50 to your face.

They’re 2 non-negotiables that will make such a difference today and in the decades to come. Religiously sticking to your Proactive Age Kit routines both morning and night will also help to prevent and reverse any damage caused during your sun-soaked holidays too…I’ve always got your back! 🥰

Amy x

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!