A Skin Expert Shares The Best Way To Remove Body Hair

The expert way to remove body hair

Amy x

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We’re talking all about hair removal rituals and most importantly, how to avoid the super common, pesky side effects they often bring with them. I know they impact almost all of us in one way or another, so here’s exactly how to keep your skin smooth and even all summer long, so you can parade your pins with confidence 🙌🏼

A Skin Expert Shares The Best Way To Remove Body Hair

Banish Razor Burn...

I’ve had a razor in the bathroom since I was 11 years old and I’m still a big fan today. Shaving is efficient, easy to do and cost effective but unfortunately comes with one major drawback…Razor burn.

It looks like a bumpy, red rash in all the wrong places but thankfully can be easily avoided with my expert shaving guide. So, here’s exactly what you need to do to dodge it…

Step 1: Prep your skin with light exfoliation. This will lift the hairs from their follicles to ensure a thorough removal, and you don’t need a fancy scrub to do it. Instead, simply take your sponge or shower loofah and practice small circular motions over the area you’re de-fuzzing (a term coined by Great Aunt Inez 😉).

Make sure not to rush as allowing your pores time to soften in the warm water makes for an even closer shave!

A Skin Expert Shares The Best Way To Remove Body Hair

Step 2: Apply a shaving gel or cream. I promise this is a product worth investing in as it keeps your skin nourished and protected from the blade for that silky, smooth finish.

Step 3: Ensure your razor is as sharp as possible by changing the head regularly, so it can glide over your skin effortlessly. To avoid tugging or pulling at any delicate areas, always work in the direction of the hair growth too.

Step 4: Once you’re satisfied with your de-fuzzing, thoroughly rinse your razor so it doesn’t get clogged, before patting yourself dry. Then smother yourself in a layer of fragrance-free body lotion to lock in hydration, prevent rashes and give you that even, glowing finish.

Just wait until you feel your legs on your bed sheets later 😍

A Skin Expert Shares The Best Way To Remove Body Hair

Eliminate Ingrown Hairs...

If shaving isn’t your thing, there are many brilliant alternatives such as waxing and epilating. Both are famed for their long-lasting results but as they remove the hairs directly from the root, they can often lead to another nasty side-effect…Ingrown hairs.

As the hair regrows, occasionally some struggle to break through the surface of the skin. This means they curl back on themselves and get trapped causing those red, inflamed spots. The best way to treat them is with a touch of the Overnight Glow Drops as it will instantly decongest the area. But in terms of prevention, here’s exactly what to do…

Step 1: Much like shaving, start with exfoliation. You can either use the pre-shaving technique above 24 hours before treatment, or opt for an AHA or Salicylic body lotion instead. These creams use gentle acids to slough away the dead skin cells but must be used 3 days ahead of hair removal to avoid any reactions.

Step 2: For a professional waxing treatment, ensure your therapist is fully licensed, then lay back, try to relax and they’ll take care of the rest. If you’re epilating at home, simply read the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully so you know exactly what you’re doing and a quick YouTube tutorial can be extremely helpful too!

A Skin Expert Shares The Best Way To Remove Body Hair

Step 3: The most important step! Post-treatment my top tip is to apply a layer of tea-tree lotion as it’s naturally antiseptic. This means it will reduce any irritation and stop bacteria breeding in your pores and causing spots. It’s also crucial to avoid anything that could aggravate or inflame your skin for the first 24 hours such as tight clothing, hot baths, exercise or saunas.

Step 4: 3 days after hair removal, it’s essential to exfoliate again. This will help to lift any ultra-fine hairs out of the follicle so they can continue to grow freely and evenly without turning into spots.

And that’s it, you’re officially on your way to smooth, glowing skin all summer long 😍


Amy x

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