The unsung heroes of BASE

The unsung heroes of BASE


So often, it’s the headline ingredients such as Retinol, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid that get talked about and mentioned within the world of skincare. But what makes BASE stand out from the crowd, is all the incredible ingredients that support these powerful actives.

For those who have sensitive or even blemish-prone skin, I’m sure you’ll relate to trying hundreds of products over the years that have perhaps done more harm than good. This is usually because many brands use the headline ingredients, but create the rest of the formula with gunky, cheap, filler products that are responsible for clogging your pores and causing irritation.

It's why when developing the Kit we refused any type of paraben, sulphate or mineral oil and instead opted to use only the highest quality, results-driven ingredients throughout. So tonight, I’m highlighting a few of those underdog, unsung-hero ingredients that truly take all our formulas and most importantly, your results, to a whole new level. So, how many of them do you know?

Matrixyl 3000

Firstly, I’m aware that this sounds like something straight out of Harry Potter…But in all honesty, this ingredient is so magical it would be quite at home in Hogwarts!!

Matrixyl 3000 is technically an active ingredient, it’s just one we hear very little about despite its power. It’s made by combining 2 peptides together which work to significantly reduce wrinkle depth, calm signs of skin irritation and reduce visible signs of sun damage. It fuels our Super Serum and is probably the No.1 reason that aside from the Kit, it’s our best-selling product.

It literally begins transforming and rejuvenating your skin from the inside out after one application and I have a feeling over the next couple of years, you’ll start hearing more and more about this game-changing ingredient… You heard it here first though 😉


This is one of the ingredients we receive the most 5-star reviews and messages about. People can explain word for word the exceptional results they’re experiencing, but just aren’t aware of the ingredient delivering them.

So, Sesaflash powers our Eye Complex. It’s responsible for that instant skin tightening effect you can feel working and is there to fade lines, wrinkles and puffiness. It’s a sesame-based powerhouse that has been described as ‘natural Botox’ and the results it delivers in one tiny drop of product never fails to blow my mind.

Marine Collagen

This is truly one of my favourite ingredients in skincare, but perhaps not for the reasons you would imagine. Given its name, you may think that marine collagen is responsible for stimulating the collagen in our skin, but that is the role of Retinol. Instead, this extraordinary form of red algae is what preserves and protects your skin barrier.

A bit like airport security, it plays the vital role of keeping all the good stuff in and all the bad stuff out, which is why we use it so heavily in the Ultimate Moisturiser. It creates a protective line of defence against the outside world by cocooning your skin in a blanket of moisture and hydration. It’s responsible for restoring that feeling of complete balance, naturally minimising lines and wrinkles and making our moisturiser, the ‘Ultimate’ one.

Honestly, writing this blog makes me want to go and give each bottle a little squeeze. They’re so full of goodness, every single ingredient has a purpose and I’m genuinely delighted they’re helping so many of you achieve your skin goals.

Again, I truly can’t thank you enough for all your support so far, it’s my greatest pleasure to help you achieve your skin goals and if you have any questions at all, I’m only a message away 🥰

Amy x

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!