BASE SKNCARE - Why I stopped applying foundation

Why I stopped applying foundation


In an ‘Ask Amy’ question on Instagram this week, someone very kindly asked me what foundation I use and it felt like a pivotal moment in my life, when I could answer ‘I don’t actually wear any’.

As a teenager and even into my early 20s, my skin was one of my biggest insecurities. I was continually stuck in a cycle of blemishes and breakouts and it genuinely knocked my confidence.

At the time I hadn’t qualified as an Aesthetician, so all my spare time was spent searching for advice on the internet, trying different products and asking for over the counter help. This quest for clear skin not only caused me to accumulate an astronomical amount of skincare (literally cupboards full), but I also ended up with a phenomenal amount of foundation too.

Foundation was my comfort blanket. I could paint over my skin in the hope that no one would notice. I never liked taking it off for bed and I was always afraid of people mentioning how ‘cakey’ it looked.

Thankfully, as I qualified and began my career in Aesthetics I was able to heal the majority of my blemishes. I swapped my full coverage foundation for a lighter version and was pretty content with that. However, my skin completely transformed again when I created and started using our BASE Proactive Age Kit. Now just to clarify, BASE isn’t an acne fighting range, but what it does do is completely restore your skin barrier.

What is the skin barrier and how does it function?
An impaired skin barrier can cause many concerns such as excess oil, breakouts, dry patches, sensitivity, flaky skin and more. This is why as an Aesthetician, I always fix my client’s skin barrier before treating anything else. As soon as the barrier is restored, the skin concern usually subsides within a few weeks.

It’s for this reason that my clients with hyper-sensitive skin, intensely dry skin and blemish-prone skin (like myself), have all achieved the same exceptional results.

I can’t recall a specific date that I stopped applying my foundation but I also can’t remember the last time I did. It may seem small to some but it’s a hugely liberating feeling for me and it fills me with such joy to recreate the experience for others.
Amy Frith of BASE SKNCARE - Why I stopped wearing foundation
Yes our Proactive Age Kit treats ageing at the source to completely rejuvenate and revitalise your complexion, but most importantly, it restores confidence and comfort in your own skin. Something I was so beautifully reminded of this week.

Invest more in taking care of your skin than you do covering it up and I promise it will completely change everything.
Amy x

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!