How To Deal With Sudden Dry Skin In Autumn l By A Skin Expert l BASE SKNCARE

Why your skin may suddenly feel dry...


I just love all the Autumnal feels and dare I say it…I’m starting to sense Christmas in the air too!

However, with that being said, these colder seasons are not all fireworks and fairy lights when it comes to our skin. In fact, the most talked about concern in clinic this week is one that always rears its ugly head at this time of year…Dryness.

So, tonight I’m sharing some of the most surprising reasons that dry skin can occur during Autumn and Winter, and exactly what you can do to help it.

Do this when you get into the car...

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do when you get in the car at this time of year is whack the heating up to maximum. And although this feels like an instant warm hug, it is a total nightmare for your skin!

Taking your complexion from the cold outdoors and warming it up this quickly damages your delicate skin barrier. This means your skin is no longer able to hold onto moisture effectively and you’re left with that tight, dry feeling.

To prevent this reaction, you can either warm the car up steadily or simply point the heaters down towards your feet rather than your face…Crisis averted. The same goes for showering too. Try to keep your cold face out of the hot water and I promise it’ll feel a million times more comfortable.

How To Deal With Sudden Dry Skin In Autumn l By A Skin Expert l BASE SKNCARE

Combat central heating with this quick fix...

Although central heating makes our homes feel warm and cosy during the colder months, it also saps all the moisture out of the air and therefore, our skin too. Unfortunately, within just a few days, this can leave your complexion feeling more flaky than fabulous.

Thankfully there are a few ways in which you can combat this issue. Number one would be to invest in a humidifier which works by returning the lost moisture back to the air. This is especially useful in the bedroom as we (hopefully) spend 7-8 hours in there a night and don’t want our skin to become parched whilst we snooze.

If a humidifier feels slightly indulgent though, a cost-effective alternative is to simply pop a bowl of water next to the radiator. This DIY approach will create a very similar effect and will keep your skin soft and supple as you sleep.

How To Deal With Sudden Dry Skin In Autumn l By A Skin Expert l BASE SKNCARE

Hydrate from the inside out...

During the warmer months there is nothing more thirst-quenching than a glass of cold water…But when it’s freezing outside, icy drinks seem to lack the same appeal. This can have us opting for hot alternatives instead such as tea or coffee which are notorious diuretics. This means they cause your body to LOSE water rather than gain it.

Fortunately, there are two options to deal with this issue as well. Firstly, you could simply stick to the rule that for every mug of tea or coffee you drink, you’ll have 2 mugs of water to balance it out.

However, if that’ll have you running to the bathroom every 5 minutes, my favourite trick is to simply drink warm water instead. You still get the experience of making a toasty drink, but it will instantly hydrate your skin and body, helping to ease any dryness. Aim for 2-3 litres a day and the results will be written all over your face.

How To Deal With Sudden Dry Skin In Autumn l By A Skin Expert l BASE SKNCARE

My personal favourites for fighting dryness though, will always be the Super Serum and Ultimate Moisturiser. When layered together in your morning and evening routine, they cocoon your skin in a blanket of moisture and take hydration levels to the max. This is why the Kit works 365 days a year and doesn’t need changing from season to season🥰

Amy x

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!