A skin expert at BASE SKNCARE explains What Crow's Feet is and How to Treat Them

Do this to instantly treat crow's feet...


Our eyes are usually the first place we start to notice signs of ageing, which explains why it’s such a hot topic with clients. So, I’m going to walk you through why these lines appear in the first place and exactly what we can do to treat them.

Firstly, did you know the skin is 40% thinner around your eyes than anywhere else on your face? This means it’s nearly twice as fragile! We also blink 15-20 times a minute (that’s over 20,000 times a day!) and use facial expressions causing this area to constantly crinkle and move.

Although we can’t magically make the skin thicker or freeze our faces and stop blinking, what we can do is strengthen your collagen production (for plumpness), elastin production (for stretch) and protect the area to ensure we don’t damage it any further.

Here’s how…

#1 Don’t scrimp on eye products

I’m often asked if eye products are gimmicks and want to reassure you right now that they’re absolutely not. Now we know the skin is 40% thinner in this area, we understand why it needs twice as much attention as the rest your face. This is precisely why I created the Proactive Age Eye Complex and it’s exceptional 3in1 formula.

It contains Peptides to boost collagen and elastin production (for that stretch and plumpness), Sesaflash for an instant tightening affect and Brighlette to brighten under eye circles.

As it’s a serum it will also reduce puffiness and allow all those active ingredients to travel much deeper into your skin than a cream ever could, delivering maximum results.

Not a gimmick, but a game-changer!

#2 Protect. Protect. Protect.

I’m not just talking about wearing your BASE Protection - SPF 50 here, although that is important in itself. But there are many little ways to protect your eyes on a daily basis too.

For example, wear your sunglasses as often as you can as a double defence against the UVA rays that age our skin. Victoria Beckham has been onto a winner all these years 😉

Also, be sure never to scrub your eyes when removing makeup. Instead gently work from the outer corners, in and move in one direction only to protect the delicate skin.

A skin expert at BASE SKNCARE explains What Crow's Feet is and How to Treat Them

#3 Invest in a little extra TLC

There’s nothing like a bit of TLC for your eyes and massage works wonders for toning and lifting the area. If you’re not sure where to start I have a number of videos you can follow along to under the ‘Reels’ section of our Instagram (or click here to view). Honestly, these techniques make such a difference when practised regularly in your skincare routine.

I’ve recently started wearing a silk eye mask to bed as well, which reduces lines caused by frowning in our sleep. It’s a little bit of luxury that works wonders and I highly recommend!

I hope these tips help to keep your eyes looking youthful and rejuvenated and if you’ve ever got any questions, please know that my inbox is always open.

Amy x

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!