31 Essential Skin Lessons: A Decade of Wisdom for Beautiful Skin

31 Essential lessons for beautiful skin

Amy x

This coming week it’s my birthday which always puts me in a slightly reflective mood.

It’s officially a decade since I turned 21 which also happens to be the age I graduated. Studying aesthetics and cosmetology was a bit like learning to drive. Although I was taught all the technical aspects of skincare during my studies, my experience in clinic over the past 10 years has been equally as valuable.

So, here’s 31 lessons I wish I knew about skincare when I was 21…

1. We are what we do repeatedly - Beautiful skin is not a miracle and there’s no such thing as a quick fix. It’s the result of making your skincare routine a consistent, daily habit.

31 Essential Skin Lessons: A Decade of Wisdom for Beautiful Skin

2. Stronger products don’t mean better results - Often, they’re hard to use and their intensity causes irritation and adverse reactions. That’s why we embrace a slow and steady approach.

3. The dots on your nose aren’t blackheads - They’re sebaceous filaments. A totally natural part of your face that’s SUPPOSED to be there to keep your skin balanced.

4. Your skin barrier is a real thing - Think of it like the roof of a house…It stops all the bad stuff getting in and all the good stuff getting out. This is essential for slowing skin ageing.

5. Spots without a head always win - You’ll never be able to squeeze those hard, red spots that sit under your skin. So leave them be to avoid scarring.

6. Don’t exfoliate with a face scrub - The scrubby particles can destroy your skin barrier and stretch your pores. Instead, use a liquid exfoliator like the Overnight Glow Drops.

7. Full coverage foundation isn’t the one - It clogs your pores and leads to spots. So opt for light foundation all over and just add a touch of concealer where needed.

8. You glow from the inside out - For maximum radiance externally, you need to take care of yourself internally too. So nourish your body, get plenty of sleep and practice self-care.

9. Microneedling is THE best skin treatment - If you want a natural alternative to Botox, it will make your skin appear younger, tighter and firmer by increasing your collagen levels.

10. Goldilocks was right - You don’t want anything too hot or cold. Always cleanse with luke warm water so you don’t strip your skin of natural oils.

31 Essential Skin Lessons: A Decade of Wisdom for Beautiful Skin

11. Application is everything - Using products in the wrong order can make them completely ineffective. As a basic rule, apply your serums and creams from thinnest to thickest texture.

12. Don’t change ANYTHING right before a big event - It can take your skin 4-8 weeks to adapt to a new routine. So avoid any major changes right before a special occasion.

13. 10x magnifying mirrors are not your friend - Absolutely nobody is ever going to see your skin that close-up, so stop torturing yourself looking for imperfections.

14. You don’t need multiple serums - There’s only so much product your skin can absorb at once. For the best results, opt for a multi purpose formula like the Super Youth Serum.

15. Don’t rely on ‘good genetics’ - Studies show that as little as 10% of skin ageing is written in your DNA, which means 90% of the process is within your control.

16. Suncream isn’t just for holidays - The UVA rays that age your skin are present whether it’s the height of summer or middle of winter. So never skip your Sunbeam Cream - SPF 50.

17. Keep your hands away from your face - Leaning on your palms or picking at your skin transfers bacteria and is a major cause of breakouts.

18. Always keep it simple - Your skincare routine should be efficient, effective and take no longer than 5 minutes so you can easily maintain it…The exact ethos behind the Kit.

19. There’s a difference between a skin type and a skin condition - Your skin type is something you’re born with and falls into one of four categories - Dry, oily, normal or combination. Your skin condition changes over time though and may vary from acne to rosacea or our speciality, skin ageing.

20. No technology can replace the power of your hands - There are so many gadgets available that mimic face massage, but you have everything you need at your fingertips.

31 Essential Skin Lessons: A Decade of Wisdom for Beautiful Skin

21. Waterproof mascara is never worth it - You have to scrub super hard to remove it which ages your eyes rapidly and causes dark circles too.

22. Dodge the 3 S’s to maintain youthful skin - The sun, sugar and stress are renowned for making your skin age faster. So wear your SPF, maintain a healthy diet and don’t sweat the small stuff.

23. Cleansing brushes are a no-no - They buff away your skin barrier leaving your face red, irritated and prone to spots. A So-Soft Face Cloth is the only cleansing tool you’ll ever need.

26. Skip the scent - Although perfume in products can create a spa-like aroma, it’s often the main cause of irritation for sensitive skin. This is why we never add it to any of our formulas.

24. Be wary of trends - They are usually fads designed to draw attention and never deliver any real results. So stick to what you know and don’t get distracted by hype.

25. Tanning doesn’t heal your spots - The sun (or sun beds) temporarily ‘dry out’ your skin, but that triggers excess oil production to compensate. This means within a week, you‘ll have more breakouts than you did before.

27. Your spots have meanings - If you get persistent blemishes in the same location, there could be a root cause. I’ll link my blog that explains why they happen, here.

28. Skincare has an expiry date - On the back of your products, there’s an icon that looks like an open jar with a number in it. The number tells you how long the product will be effective for once open.

29. Your pores don’t open and close - This is because they aren’t connected to a muscle, but you can make them look smaller by double cleansing and gently exfoliating each evening.

30. Don’t take your moisturiser up to your lash line - The rich texture can cause puffiness and milk spots. So take it to the top of your cheekbones, but no closer to your eyes.

31 Essential Skin Lessons: A Decade of Wisdom for Beautiful Skin

31. Love the skin you’re in - I know it’s a TOTAL cliche to end on, but I’d honestly say the biggest lesson of the past decade is learning to be comfortable in your own skin. To me, that’s the true definition of beauty ❤️

And that’s a wrap! Here’s to the next 10 years and all the incredible lessons that I’ll continue to fully embrace and share with you all 🥂

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!