2023's Top Skin Queries Answered: Expert Insights For Glowing Skin!

Answering your biggest skin queries of 2023

Amy x

Today, we’re taking a wander down 2023 memory lane. The inspiration for all of our BASE products, videos and blogs comes from you guys and all your incredible questions.

So, to ensure you enter the New Year as glowing and radiant as possible, here are your most popular skin queries of 2023, answered…

What do you do if you have large pores on your nose that won’t go away?

Have you ever noticed that babies have practically poreless skin? This is because their complexions are packed full of collagen which helps keep their pores tight and refined. With age however, our collagen levels decline and our pores are no longer able to hold themselves together like they once were.

So, the best way to make them appear smaller is by getting your skin to produce more collagen. I recommend doing this by using the TLC Roller twice a week and I’ll link my full nose tutorial here for you.

Should I still use my face masks and scrubs alongside The 5 Minute Kit?

The joy of the Kit is that it’s everything your skin will ever need. You’ll get your exfoliation each night from the Overnight Glow Drops and your hydration and nourishment from the One Cream Wonder. So there’s no need to invest in additional products 😊

Why doesn’t The 5 Minute Kit come with a toner?

Toners were originally developed to rebalance the pH of your skin post-cleansing, when we used to wash with extremely alkaline products such as soap.

With our Dream Clean Cleanser though, we have perfectly balanced the pH for you so it never leaves your skin tight, dry or irritated. It also means there’s no longer any need to follow up with a toner.

Will Vitamin C give me breakouts?

I always used to struggle to incorporate Vitamin C as my skin is super reactive. The strongest form known as L-Ascorbic Acid used to have my face covered in spots within a few applications.

This is why we use a highly stable form of Vitamin C called Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate in our Super Youth Serum. It delivers all the youth-boosting, skin rejuvenating benefits that Vitamin C is famous for, without any irritation or breakouts in sight.

Do you approve of LED masks and if so, which is your favourite?

I’m a big fan of almost all skin gadgets, including LED masks as they help to boost skin elasticity and reduce inflammation. My favourite one is by the brand CurrentBody, but please bear in mind that these tools are ‘nice to have’ rather than ‘need to have’ and your daily skincare routine will always make the most impact.

How can I stop milia (milk spots) under my eyes?

These tiny white dots usually appear when your under eyes get blocked with heavy creams; Which is why I designed the Miracle Eye Complex as a lightweight serum instead.

Its thin texture allows it to work much deeper within your skin rather than sitting on the surface and causing congestion. Over time this not only prevents milia, but it treats fine lines, dark circles and puffiness rapidly too.

Is it normal to sneeze when microneedling?

This one makes me smile every time I read it and yes, it’s totally normal! It’s just a reaction to the mild irritation, much like when something tickles your nose. Almost all of my clients sneeze within the first 2 minutes of a professional treatment and then it completely settles down.

Do you recommend a primer under your makeup?

Our Sunbeam Cream - SPF 50 leaves the most beautiful, airbrushed finished which doubles as a primer. I just let it settle for 5 minutes post-application before applying my makeup and I’ve never had so many compliments and questions about my makeup routine. I’m going to share it on Instagram asap, but please know it’s very basic as my sunscreen does most of the work for me!

What product do you use to massage your face?

Up until now, I’ve always massaged my face when cleansing or once I’ve applied my moisturiser. If like me though, you’ve found that the cleanser is a touch too slippery and the moisturiser absorbs before the end of your sequence…Keep your eyes peeled for our new product launch in January - It’s a facial massage game-changer!

Answering your questions and teaching you about your skin genuinely brings me so much joy and I’m beyond grateful for the skincare-loving community we’ve built together. In the New Year, I’ll continue to share all I know to help you and my inbox is always open if you need me ❤️

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!