3 Common Mistakes That Ruin Your Skin - Revealed By An Aesthetician

Common mistakes that ruin your skin - Part 2

Amy x

A few months ago, I wrote a blog called ‘Common mistakes that ruin your skin’ and I’ve never received so many responses to a post! I asked you to reply with the words ‘Part 2’ if you’d like to hear about more everyday skincare mistakes and I was blown away by my overflowing inbox.

So as always, your wish is my command. Let’s see if we can avoid more unnecessary mishaps that have the power to completely derail all your hard work and good intentions…

#1. Speed is of the essence

During my ‘Ask Amy’ segment on Instagram each week, I’m always asked how long you need to wait between applying your BASE products. Like me, I’m sure you’ll have heard ‘Skinfluencers’ recommending that you need to wait at least 30-60 seconds between layers to maximise absorption - But this is actually a myth.

When applying the 5 Minute Kit, the quicker you can get the products on, the better - And that’s for 2 reasons. Firstly, everything absorbs better on slightly damp skin as it’s more permeable. This means the products are able to travel to the deeper layers of your skin, correcting concerns such as lines and wrinkles at the source.

Secondly, as all our formulas contain the highest quality, active ingredients, your skin drinks them up almost instantly…So there’s nothing to wait for 🙌🏼 This means you get twice the results in half the time, when you’re dashing out the door on a busy weekday morning.

#2. Anti-ageing cream is not always the answer

Last weekend we celebrated our beautiful niece’s 2nd birthday and at the party, a male family member asked me the best thing they could use to reduce the lines and wrinkles they were starting to notice.

As with every client I’ve ever treated in clinic, he too presumed that a treatment serum or anti-ageing moisturiser was the best way forward. And without question, products such as our Super Youth Serum and One Cream Wonder both have the power to totally transform your skin. But, I’d always recommend starting with preventing further damage, before correcting what has already occurred.

In terms of skin ageing, this means you need to prioritise your SPF over everything else when you’re getting started, as this alone will prevent up to 90% of wrinkles. I like to think of it like patching a hole in the roof before the rain starts pouring in, rather than leaving it open and continuously mopping the floor. Once you’ve got your preventative measures in place, AKA your Sunbeam Cream, THEN go in with the corrective, anti-ageing formulas for best results.

#3. It’s what’s on the inside that counts

In our day to day lives, it’s super easy for us to become disconnected from our bodies or presume that they’ll just handle whatever we throw at them. Sometimes though, our stress levels and lifestyle habits take a toll and what’s going on on the inside, is then reflected on the out…And we choose to ignore the signs.

For example, I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 24 and at first, only attempted to treat it with steroid and anti-itching cream. Unfortunately, it didn’t budge as I was only masking the problem, rather than treating the source. As it turns out, my body was struggling with undiscovered dairy and gluten allergies and only when I corrected that, did my skin finally heal.

Now, I’m not for one second suggesting that everyone rush out and get their intolerances tested. But if you’re struggling with conditions such as eczema, acne or even rosacea, looking at internal triggers can make all the difference. For some people it’s linked to hormones, for others it’s stress and generally improving gut health, helps us all glow from the inside out. Whatever you do, just make sure you listen to those little signals from within.

As I said at the end of the previous blog, I could write for hours about all the little day to day habits that have huge impacts on our skin. And now I know you’re fascinated too, I’ll continue to share everything I know so we can achieve our best skin ever, together 🥰

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!