My haircare secrets for clear and glowing skin

My haircare secrets for clear and glowing skin

Amy x

Today we’re talking about a surprising subject that genuinely transformed my skin…Haircare! I know the two may seem totally unrelated, but when I started paying attention to how I cared for my locks about a decade ago, my bumpy skin texture and blackheads completely vanished 🙌🏼

So, here are my haircare/skincare secrets for clear, glowing skin…

#1. The order is everything

If you’ve ever experienced persistent breakouts or blackheads on your cheeks, it could very well be linked to your haircare ritual.

Residue shampoo and conditioner is renowned for trickling down your face and settling into your pores, which quickly leads to spots. But fortunately, it’s super easy to correct by simply changing the order of your morning routine.

My go-to system always starts with your shower and hair wash first. Once you’re done, hop out and cleanse your skin at the sink to wash away any product that’s made itself at home on your complexion.

Next, dry your hair and make sure to shield your face when applying styling products for the exact same reason. Then follow up with the rest of your 5 Minute Kit and watch any uneven texture fade away in the coming weeks…It’s truly magical 🪄

Step 1: Wash your hair
Step 2: Dream Clean Cleanser
Step 3: Dry and style your hair
Step 4: Finish your 5 Minute Kit routine 

#2. Up, up and away

Just like our skin, our hair contains many natural oils designed to keep it healthy, moisturised and strong. So of course, we don’t want to strip them away. However, we also don’t want a layer of oil sitting on your complexion either!

This often happens when we sleep as our free-flowing hair becomes smooshed into our skin for hours on end. The natural oils make themselves at home in your pores which then quickly lead to blackheads and blemishes.

So, the easiest way to prevent this little mishap is to sleep with your hair up and away from your face. I personally opt for a silk scrunchie as it doesn’t cause any damage or, irritate me during the night. It’s one of the smallest tweaks you’ll ever make, but has genuinely transformative effects 🙌🏼

Side note - If you have short hair, opt for an elasticated headband instead.

#3. Show your scalp some TLC

Now recently, one of the most popular questions on ‘Ask Amy’ has been, ‘can I use the TLC Roller on my scalp and hairline too?’. And it may surprise you to know, that actually, you can.

As we get older, it’s completely normal for our hair to become thinner and more fragile - A bit like our skin if left untreated. But, just as microneedling naturally boosts your collagen levels to plump and firm your skin, microneedling can naturally strengthen and stimulate hair growth too.

It works in exactly the same way, as the tiny needles increase blood flow to your hair resulting in accelerated growth. With this being said, it won’t deliver the same impact it will for your skin, however it can help to thicken receding hairlines.

As with your skin, you only need to practice twice a week using the cross-hatch pattern, on completely clean hair. And gradually, you’ll begin to notice your locks becoming healthier.

Important side note if you’re looking to treat both areas - For hygiene reasons and to prevent spots and blackheads, I recommend having one TLC Roller for your face and a separate one for your hair. 

Our skin and hair are often more intertwined than we realise and these little tips will ensure both are thriving at all times. So, here’s to a clear, glowing complexion and luscious, healthy locks too 🥰

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!