Here's what happened when a UK Skin Expert Tried Wrinkle Tape For 8 Weeks

I tried wrinkle tape for 8 weeks

Amy x

I've been conducting an 8 week experiment on myself using wrinkle tape and I was debating whether or not to share my experience.

Then last week on our ‘Ask Amy’ segment, one of you lovely people wrote to me and asked exactly what I thought about it…So, here we are!

Wrinkle tape has been on my radar for years but I’ve never paid much attention to it, until a few months ago when I realised I was waking up with a frown line! Of course, it subsided during the day but I was conscious that this repeated facial expression when sleeping, was going to become trickier to remove if I didn’t try to correct it.

Here's what happened when a UK Skin Expert Tried Wrinkle Tape For 8 Weeks

When it comes to wrinkles, they always fall into 2 categories - Static lines and dynamic lines.

Static lines are ones that are more permanent as they can be seen even when your face is resting. They are the result of sun damage, an unhealthy lifestyle and general skin ageing, and if you don’t treat them, they naturally deepen over time.

Dynamic lines however, are the ones caused by repeated facial expressions such as squinting, smiling and of course, frowning. When we’re younger, they only appear when our face is in motion, but as collagen and elasticity production decline over time, dynamic lines can become permanent too.

As the research suggests that dynamic lines occur when our faces are smooshed into our pillows at night, this is often the best time to correct them. Because it’s a muscular issue and not a skin one, I was looking for a natural way to relax the area whilst I was snoozing…Enter wrinkle tape.

Here's what happened when a UK Skin Expert Tried Wrinkle Tape For 8 Weeks

Wrinkle tape is quite literally what it says on the tin - Tape that stops your face making wrinkles.

There are many different versions of it available on the market and after having experimented with many of them, I can tell you plain, old surgical tape was by far the best. Unlike the silicone based patches, it didn’t cause any irritation, stayed in place all night and cost a fraction of the price.

All I did was quickly massage between my brows once I’d finished my evening skincare routine to completely smooth the area, then tore a small piece of the tape and pressed it into place.

To my surprise when I gently peeled it off the next morning, the area was completely smooth. I have kept it up every evening since and feel the more I train the muscle at night, the less I’m frowning during the day too.

Here's what happened when a UK Skin Expert Tried Wrinkle Tape For 8 Weeks

However, although it sounds completely magical, it’s certainly not a total cure-all. This is because in order for it to work, your skin needs to be producing as much collagen and elastin as possible to support the muscle below. So pairing it with my 5 Minute Kit was essential.

The active ingredients within the Kit are what plump, firm and tone both static and dynamic lines and the tape just prevents any excessive creasing. Overtime this helps to retrain and relax the muscle so that those dynamic lines are far less likely to appear.

You can use it over forehead and smile lines too and I have personally enjoyed introducing this simple technique into my evening routine. It requires minimal effort, costs very little and I have a feeling it’s here to stay!


Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!