My top makeup tips for the festive season

My top makeup tips for the festive season


As we’re heading towards Christmas at a rate of knots and the parties, soirees and get-togethers have our diaries filled to the brim, I thought I’d cover my top makeup tips for the season…Yep, you heard correctly, makeup!

In truth, I’m actually going to cover how to prep your skin properly so that your festive makeup remains flawless and perfectly in place, no matter how much mulled wine you’ve been sipping!

So let’s start with face makeup...

With all the foundation and powders layered up it tends to go one of two ways. You’re either an oil slick a couple of hours in, or your face becomes a little dry which causes everything to settle in pores and fine lines. Thankfully all this can be prevented by prepping your skin correctly.

If it’s a night-time event, start by washing the day away and repeating your Proactive Age Kit morning routine. As it will be dark by this point during the day, there's no need to apply your SPF.

Once your skincare is in place, grab yourself a clean makeup brush and gently buff everything into your skin. This ensures it absorbs without any excess oil from your fingertips and creates the most smooth and even canvas to work on.

Let it sink in for 10 minutes before applying foundation or concealer and there won’t be any need for a separate primer. Your makeup will glide on effortlessly and stay put as you dance the night away.

Whilst you’re waiting for your skincare to absorb, you can turn your attention to your lips. At this time of year, they tend to become dry and chapped which is not the best if you’re going for a bold, red look.

To help restore hydration and plumpness take a clean toothbrush, run it under warm water and using gentle, circular motions, brush your lips. This will help to exfoliate them, remove any dead skin and ensure your balm will absorb to the best of its ability, rather than just sitting on the surface.

Apply a good layer of it once you’ve finished brushing and wait until you’ve completed the rest of your makeup routine, before finishing with your lipstick. You’ll be surprised by how effortless this application will be too!

My last tip is for your eyes...

Best makeup tips for your skin this festive season

It took me a number of years to realise that oily eyelids are actually a real thing! They cause eye products to crease and panda eyes to appear in literal minutes.

If this is the case for you and you’re planning a bit of a smoky eye, I advise using an eye shadow primer first – It’s a total gamechanger. Apply it over your lids (a little like concealer) and it will lock everything into place all night long.

Waterproof mascara or a waterproof topcoat is also an excellent addition too and means you won’t have to check for smudging every time you nip to the bathroom.

I hope these little tips make a difference to your festive get-togethers and enable you focus on being in the moment with your loved ones, rather than worrying about makeup sliding across your face.

Amy x

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!