The best in-flight skincare tips told by a top UK Skin Expert.

The best in-flight skincare tips!


For all of you who are lucky enough to actually be jetting off over the summer, these top tips will keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

So, without further ado, welcome aboard this BASE flight to your skincare goals. It’s time to buckle your seatbelt and prepare for take-off 

#1. Bare face beauty

If you feel comfortable to do so, turn up to the airport with bare skin. Wearing eye makeup will cause you no issues at all, but products such as foundation and face powder are super dehydrating for your skin. They sink into all your pores and never look fresh when you arrive at your destination…Believe me, I’ve tried it!

Taking your makeup off once you get on the plane is also a faff in the tiny bathrooms. So instead, just embrace your natural beauty and pop your face makeup in hand luggage for later.

You could also go all out Victoria Beckham and opt for oversized sunglasses in the departure lounge, if It makes you feel more comfortable 😎

The best in-flight skincare tips told by a top UK Skin Expert.

#2. Go teetotal

I’m apprehensive to type this one as I don’t want to sound like a total killjoy for those who start the holiday at the airport 🙈 The thing is, you lose up to 30% of your skin’s moisture in just a 4 hour flight alone! As alcohol is a diuretic and promotes water loss, it only adds to our complexion looking prune-like on the other side.

Instead, go all in on the water to hydrate yourself from the inside out and your skin will be plump and glowing upon arrival…If you want bonus skincare points, skip all forms of caffeine too!

#3. In-flight facial

You knew this one was coming right?! One of my favourite parts of the flight is a little skin pampering! If you’ve stuck to the makeup free rule, it’s now time to layer your products and lock as much nourishment into your face as possible.

Start by applying a generous amount of the Eye Complex around your orbital bone and then apply a full pump of the Super Serum all over your face. The hyaluronic acid in both is capable of holding up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, which will bind much needed hydration to your skin.

Follow up with a DOUBLE layer of the Ultimate Moisturiser so that you can visibly see it sitting on the surface. This way it works as a protective shield against the recycled cabin air. I’d repeat this process every 2-3 hours depending on the length of the flight, and you’ll disembark looking beautifully radiant and rejuvenated.

The best in-flight skincare tips told by a top UK Skin Expert.

#4. Banish the bloat

Did you know, we don’t just lose 30% of our skin’s moisture during a flight, but our bodies also expand by up to 30% when up in the air?! This can lead to uncomfortable tummies and puffy faces phenomenally fast.

As a lover of plane food (no judgement please 😂) it pains me to say it, but one of the best things you can do is dodge the hot meal. It’s precooked, reheated and packed with salt that can really upset the balance in your skin and tummy.

If possible, grab some fresh food at the airport instead and stick to eating that. You can also challenge yourself to drinking at least 2 litres of water on a long-haul flight to keep your body functioning as healthily as possible. It’ll also force you out of your seat and walking towards the toilet, which works wonders for keeping your circulation boosted too.

The best in-flight skincare tips told by a top UK Skin Expert.

If you can stick to all of the above, you’ll probably arrive at your destination looking and feeling better than when you took off! It’s like creating your own health spa up in the clouds before indulging in all the treats your holiday has to offer 🥰

Before I go, I just wanted to thank you for choosing to fly with BASE this evening. I wish you all a safe onward journey and look forward to seeing you back here next Sunday.

Amy x

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!