The biggest microneedling questions, answered by a skin expert at BASE SKNCARE

Your biggest microneedling questions, answered!


To celebrate the Pure Rollers being back in stock, I thought I’d answer your most asked microneedling questions. This will help you get the best out of the treatment and take your skincare routine to a whole new level 🙌🏼

So without further ado, let’s dive into your FAQs…

How does the Pure Roller improve my skincare routine?

The Pure Roller creates what we call ‘micro channels’ into your skin which allow your products to travel much, much deeper. Studies have shown that it improves product absorption from 4% up to a whopping 70%, which means all the incredible active ingredients in your Proactive Age Kit can work deeper, harder and faster for transformative, youth-boosting results…Just typing it makes me want to go and grab mine!

Does microneedling hurt?

Now this all depends on pain tolerance, but my description has always been you can feel it working, but it doesn’t hurt. It feels ever so slightly scratchy although totally bearable and I find it gets easier the more you practice and the stronger your skin becomes.

What is the difference between the Pure Roller and Botox?

This is probably the most popular question I’m asked about the Pure Roller. Although the two can appear to achieve similar results, they actually work very differently.

Botox is a form of toxin that’s injected into the facial muscles, not the skin, to stop them contracting with facial expressions. This helps to prevent the formation of deep wrinkles but bypasses your complexion.

The Pure Roller on the other hand treats the skin itself by stimulating your skins natural collagen production. Collagen is what gives our skin its strength and structure and makes us look more youthful. Microneedling concentrates on the skin’s condition by improving fine lines, skin texture, pigmentation, firmness, pore size and restoring radiance to lack lustre skin.

In terms of skin rejuvenation microneedling is hard to rival, but if you’ve got deep lines you’re keen to minimise, you may wish to consider combining it with Botox too.

Where does the Pure Roller fit into my Proactive Age Routine?

The Pure Roller always goes after double cleansing in your evening routine. Once the treatment is complete you apply your serums and creams so the micro channels can absorb all the goodness. Your skin then restores, regenerates and heals as you sleep, for radiant, lifted skin in the morning.

How long until I see results?

The Pure Roller offers an array of exceptional results and some of them, like skin tightening, will show up almost immediately. Others will take between four and six weeks (a complete skin cycle) to fully develop. That’s the time it takes your body to increase collagen production and cellular turnover so that the new healthy skin can reach the surface, for you to enjoy.

How often should I use my Pure Roller?

The secret to microneedling is less is more. The magic happens during the recovery process, so you need to give your skin a chance to heal. For best results I advise using your Pure Roller twice a week only. I use mine on a Wednesday and Sunday night and you’re more than welcome to join my schedule if you’d like to!

Are there any skin types microneedling doesn’t work for?

Yes there are a few skin conditions that microneedling can aggravate so I’d advise against it if you currently have:

Active Acne: Microneedling can spread the bacteria and inflame the skin however it is amazing for treating acne scarring!

Active Cold Sores: Again, microneedling can spread the bacteria and lead to more cold sores, so always wait until they’ve fully healed before returning to treatment.

Sensitised Skin: Conditions such as Rosacea, Psoriasis and Eczema are not suitable for microneedling as the skin is usually too inflamed. Instead focus on your skincare products to balance, strengthen and rebuild the skin.

Keloid Scarring: If you get keloid scars, unfortunately microneedling is not advised as it breaks the skin’s surface and can lead to the formation of new ones.

The biggest microneedling questions, answered by a skin expert at BASE SKNCARE

Is it normal for my products to tingle afterwards?

Yes it certainly is and this is actually a really good sign! Your products should feel tingly and your skin should be nice and pink (think mild sunburn), which shows all the active ingredients are travelling to the deeper layers of your skin, to treat concerns at the source. Try not to touch your face more than necessary, go to sleep as usual and in the morning your skin will be plump and glowing.

How do I clean my roller?

This is such an important step in practising microneedling at home! The fastest and most effective way to do it is run the roller under boiling water once you’ve finished the treatment and then spritz it with sanitising spray or sit it in sterilising solution.

How often should I change my roller?

If you use your roller twice per week and take care of it using the guidance above, I advise purchasing a new one every six months to ensure the needles are crisp and sharp and deliver the best treatment possible.

And that’s the Pure Roller FAQs, answered! If you’ve got any questions of your own, please never hesitate to shout. My inbox is always open and I’m more than happy to help. We’re fully stocked up to prevent another sell-out this time and I genuinely can’t thank you enough for trusting me with your skin 🥰

Amy x


Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!