The biggest skincare trends in 2024

The biggest skincare trends in 2024

Amy x

I truly love writing about the things you’re keen to learn about, so today, we’re delving into the biggest skincare trends you’ll see everywhere in 2024. And this year, they’re super exciting...

#1. Smart Bodycare

Did you know that 95% of our skin is below our neck? And if you’re anything like me, the top 5% gets far more attention than the rest 🙈

On a day to day basis, I use a shower oil rather than a shower gel to keep my skin as hydrated and smooth as possible, but I’m starting to notice more uneven texture and imperfections that general moisturising is unable to treat…Enter smart bodycare.

The technology used to unblock the pores on your face and make your complexion appear more youthful, is in the process of being adapted to suit our bodies and I think it’ll revolutionise our self-care routines.

We’ll be able to treat those tiny red bumps that often cover the tops of arms and thighs, help restore firmness to areas that are loosing it and undo the speckled patches of pigmentation caused by sunbathing.

I was beyond excited about this during 2023 and can neither confirm or deny if we've started working on the first BASE body product as a result...😍

The biggest skincare trends in 2024

#2. Skin Barrier Central

The skin barrier is something I was taught about during my first few days of studying aesthetics…But up until that point, I’d never heard of it, despite how majorly important it is!

If it’s still a mystery to you, imagine your skin barrier (which is found in the very top layer of your skin) like the roof of a house. It’s a protective shield that keeps all the good stuff in and all the bad stuff out.

When it’s in good working order your skin will be perfectly balanced, soft and supple. However if it’s a little off-kilter, you’ll start to notice redness, sensitivity and even breakouts beginning to appear.

Damage is often caused by products with phenomenally high concentrations of active ingredients, which have been trending in recent years. They’re so aggressive that they destroy your skin barrier on their way to target your concerns beneath the surface, leaving you with more issues than when you began.

This is precisely why I created The 5 Minute Kit using active ingredients in gentle doses only. It means we can target all aspects of skin ageing at the source, whilst keeping your skin barrier perfectly in tact too.

As this approach is now what’s making headlines, we’re set to see brands attempt to back-pedal and reevaluate their approach going forward.

The good news is, you're already ahead of the game! 😉

#3. Topical Botox

This one is genuinely fascinating! If you’ve ever read the back of your BASE bottles, you’ll know our Super Youth Serum and Miracle Eye Complex are packed with ingredients called Peptides.

These little powerhouses are scientifically-proven to make your skin act younger by reducing signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles and a loss of firmness. However, as they’re so exceptional, researchers are currently trying to develop them further with the creation of ‘Neuropeptides’.

Neuropeptides are thought to work by changing the communication between your nerve and skin cells, which impacts your muscle contractions. In very simple terms, this means that when applied in a cream or serum, they may have the potential to relax your facial muscles and prevent wrinkles, just like Botox - Minus the needle!

With that being said, the evidence supporting this is still very limited and it may take several years for Neuropeptides to become standard, science-backed ingredients. So until they’re ready for us, rest assured we’ll continue to bring you the ultimate, results-driven Peptides, at the top of their game.

The other thing we’re delighted to bring you this week is the return of The Everything Oil - Yay 🥳 I’m so grateful to all of you who have been waiting patiently and I’ll send you an email on Wednesday morning when it’s back in stock, so you can be the first in line ❤️

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!