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3 lessons my Mum taught me about beauty

Amy x

Firstly, happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating 💕💐

In honour of this special day I wanted to talk about a very special person…My own Mum. It would be fair to say that we’re wildly different, yet perfectly in tune and in her glorious uniqueness, she’s taught me more about beauty than she knows 🥰

So, here’s the 3 biggest lessons she’s passed down so far, without even realising it…

#1. Always wear matching underwear

My Mum won’t mind me telling you that she’s always had the most exquisite underwear collection. Everything is a matching set and it’s not all neutral. In fact, the colours, lace and embroidery are simply to die for!

But, she doesn’t wear it in case she gets hit by a bus or because a special someone may get the opportunity to see it - She wears it purely for herself.

I often imagine it like a hidden layer of confidence. Nobody knows it’s there or is able to compliment its beauty, but it helps her stand with poise and self-assuredness.

What this taught me was that often we rely on the words of others to feel attractive, but self-confidence is always an inside job. If you feel good, you’ll look good too and you alone have the power to create endless beautiful energy.

#2. Standing out is much better than blending in

One of my Mum’s greatest fears is being too ‘normal’ 🙈😂 She’s always been the life and soul of every party, wears her heart on her sleeve and is never afraid to be her true authentic self, in all situations.

During my teenage years when I was supposed to be the rebellious one, she dyed her hair pink, had her nose pierced and added to her tattoo collection!

At the time, I’m slightly ashamed to admit I was a tad embarrassed. However as a fully grown woman myself now, I’m forever grateful for the lesson it taught me.

In life, it’s so easy to follow the crowd or take the path society perceives to be correct. But throwing caution to the wind and following your heart brings more beauty into your life than I ever thought possible.

There is so much to admire in individuality and in my opinion, it’s always the most attractive quality in every person I meet.

#3. Make space for me time

Another thing you need to know about my Mum, is that she detests routine with a passion. She’s a total free spirit, governed by her emotions and her goal is never to have 2 days the same.

With that being said, this lady certainly has well-oiled beauty habits. She’s the kind of person who moisturises her body after every shower (goals 🙌🏼), completes her skincare routine religiously and finishes with makeup, accessories and fragrance.

These few moments of self-care allow her the time to prepare for the day ahead and then completely unwind when she undoes the process at the end of the day.

I now replicate her ritual each morning and evening with my 5 Minute Kit and taking those few moments for myself is my secret to glowing on the inside, as well as the out 💕

Whilst I’m thanking my lovely Mum for her lessons, can I also say the biggest thank you for all the incredible entries on our International Women’s Day giveaway so far 🥰

I asked you to tag an inspiring woman over on Instagram and the extraordinary things you’ve written about your loved ones have made me cry more than once…And I’m not even hormonal! 😂

If you’d like a little mood-boost, please go and have a scroll through the comments and you still have until 6:00pm on Tuesday 12th March to enter and win 2 ultimate BASE bundles!

In a week that’s all about women, I’m forever grateful to have you all with us - You are truly what makes BASE so special each and every day 💕

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!