Treat Crepey Neck & Chest Skin Like A Pro - 5 Tips From A Skin Expert

Tackle crepey skin like a pro

Amy x

In an appointment with one of my lovely clients this week, I noticed that she subconsciously held open the collar of her shirt throughout the entire facial. This is something that happens quite frequently and in fact, lots of my clients tend to wear a little camisole, purely so I can treat their neck and chest too.

These areas are not only a key concern in clinic, but they’re also a super hot topic in my inbox. This is because the skin on your neck and chest is a very similar the skin around your eyes, meaning it’s thinner and more crepey than the skin on your face. For this reason, they tend to show signs of ageing at an accelerated rate in the shape of lines, creases, pigmentation and general thinning.

Treat Crepey Neck & Chest Skin Like A Pro - 5 Tips From A Skin Expert

So, as I can’t see all of you for one of my professional treatments, here’s how to prevent and correct any damage at home with my neck and chest toolkit

Prevent: Turn the temperature down…

This one sounds so simple, but is a total game-changer! If you feel the cold like I do, there is nothing more comforting than a hot shower to warm your body. But, if you have the water too hot and let it beat down onto your neck and chest, the extreme change in temperate can cause the tiny blood vessels in these areas to burst.

This means that over time, the skin won’t receive as much fresh, oxygenated blood which is essential for skin renewal. So, to prevent it becoming thin and wrinkled, always opt for warm water over boiling hot.

Treat Crepey Neck & Chest Skin Like A Pro - 5 Tips From A Skin Expert

Prevent: Cover up when you’re out and about…

We’re all aware by this point that most of the damage that happens to our skin occurs during the summer. But with that being said, the colder months can wreak havoc too.

In Autumn/Winter, whilst you still need to be applying your sunscreen, we need to fend off the cold as well. Weather beaten skin loses it’s natural moisture and oils, causing it to become dry, red and irritated. As dry skin is far more prone to wrinkling, make sure you bundle yourself up in a cosy scarf to keep the area perfectly balanced when you’re out and about.

Prevent: Swap your sleeping position…

This one requires a little bit of training but makes such a difference if you can make the switch. Many of us sleep on our side, which causes the skin on our neck and chest to crease when smooshed into our pillows. Overtime, these creases create the perfect tracks for wrinkle formation and they become more permanent fixtures.

To limit the chances of this happening, try sleeping on your back as much as you can. For me, it seemed almost impossible at first, but with practice it’s got easier and easier and now I find myself waking up in the exact same position I fell asleep in.

Treat Crepey Neck & Chest Skin Like A Pro - 5 Tips From A Skin Expert

Treat: Boost your collagen levels..

Collagen is what is responsible for keeping our skin young, bouncy and firm, but as we naturally lose 1-2% every year, it’s essential that we intervene and give our levels a boost manually.

The first way you can do this is with The 5 Minute Kit. The routine is powered by active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C and peptides which are scientifically-proven to make your skin act younger, reduce sun spots and smooth uneven texture. So, make sure you use your products on your neck and chest too, to keep them firm and youthful.

Treat: Practice at-home skin treatments...

And speaking of collagen…The TLC Roller is also an incredible collagen-boosting treatment that you can do yourself at home. As you roll the tool over your neck and chest, the tiny needles trigger a wound healing response which naturally increases your collagen production. It will make your skin feel instantly tighter, but the more you practice, the better the results get.

Treat Crepey Neck & Chest Skin Like A Pro - 5 Tips From A Skin Expert

I personally include this as part of my routine twice per week and you can see exactly how I do it in this video.

I’ll continue to share all my top tips and tricks over on Instagram too, to keep these areas as toned and youthful as possible 🙌🏼🥰


Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!