I tried probiotic supplements for 3 months

I tried probiotic supplements for 3 months

Amy x

Last week on social media I shared a post all about the supplements I take for youthful, glowing skin and I was absolutely bowled over by the response. In fact, the video currently has over 175k views on TikTok?!

This got me thinking, perhaps this is a subject we’re all keen to learn more about, so tonight I’m sharing my recent experience of adding probiotics into my diet.

Probiotics usually come in capsule form and contain billions of live bacteria that work to boost your gut health. Initially it was thought that they simply helped to improve stomach-related concerns such as IBS and bloating, but it’s recently come to light that there is far more power in these tiny pills than anyone initially realised.

New research and studies have proved that taking a daily probiotic and improving your gut health also enhances your immunity, energy levels, sleep, mood, metabolism and now, your skin too. So naturally, I added a bottle to my shopping bag and began testing them out on my own body.

It is worth noting that the data about the connection between probiotics and the skin is still extremely new and fairly limited, however what’s been discovered so far has the ability to be game-changing. Studies have showed that probiotics work by reducing inflammation in the body which helps to heal inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

I’ve personally believed in the gut-skin connection since developing psoriasis in my early 20s. I tried every lotion, potion and prescription to get it under control, but nothing touched it. And as there is no known cure, even as a skin expert, I was completely stumped.

The only glimmer of hope I managed to find at the time, was a small study that showed there was a connection between psoriasis and the state of your tummy. So, the following morning I booked to have all my allergies tested to see if perhaps my gut was simply inflamed.

Sure enough, the results showed I was allergic to both dairy and gluten (both of which I was consuming daily), so I immediately cut them out to see if it’d make a difference. Within 6 weeks, my psoriasis patches that had appeared from head to toe completely vanished and (touch wood), have never returned.

Now I’m not suggesting that everyone who struggles with inflammatory skin concerns should change their diet this drastically. I’m simply saying that being aware of the connection between your tummy and your skin can help us to understand the outside situation. This is why I discuss nutritional habits with all my new clients in clinic as we create a plan to treat their concerns and why I think probiotics could potentially be so exciting.

During my 12-week experiment, I’ve personally noticed many of the benefits listed above. My tummy has been far less bloated, I’ve dodged all the winter colds, I’ve slept like a baby and my mood has been more balanced than ever.

As for my skin, I haven’t noticed any drastic changes but that may be because it was in such good condition beforehand. My 5 Minute Kit corrects, protects and meets all my skin needs externally, but I like to think of probiotics as my internal skincare insurance policy…Particularly as another study showed they helped to reduce the effects of sun damage too!

So, in my opinion, if you struggle with any inflammatory skin concerns, blemishes and breakouts, or simply want to slow the effects of skin ageing, adding a probiotic into your diet is a great idea. The benefits overall have really surprised me, and it’ll continue to be a staple in my routine.

Please be aware however that I am not a GP or nutritionist, so make sure to do your own research or consult with an expert before making any lifestyle changes. As always, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have though and my inbox is always open 🥰


Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!