A Skin Expert's Everything Shower: The Ultimate Pampering Routine

My ‘Everything Shower’ Routine...

Amy x

I’m convinced most of us have embraced this habit for decades, but only recently has it been given an official title by social media…Enter, the ‘Everything Shower’.

The Everything Shower, in other words, is the ultimate bathing session. You work from the top of your head to the tips of your toes ensuring every inch of your body is cared for.

Now for me, this isn’t a weekly occurrence, but I save it for special occasions where I want to look and feel my absolute best. I always have this type of shower pre-birthday, before our anniversary and of course on Christmas and New Year’s Eve too.

So, as there are multiple opportunities to maximise this tradition in the coming weeks, here’s what a full pampering routine looks like for me…

My ritual starts outside of the shower by setting the mood with a candle and following up with exfoliation in the form of body brushing. Not only is this a super effective way to buff away dry, dead skin cells, but it also boosts lymph drainage and circulation whilst reducing the appearance of cellulite.

I work in upward motions towards my heart and it’s the secret to instantly smooth, even skin.

Then, it’s into the shower I go. I love the water as hot as possible, but this is terribly damaging for my skin. So I always lower the temperate just a touch so I don’t end up with broken capillaries and sensitivity.

Step number two in my routine is always shaving. I smother myself in shaving gel so that the blades can get as close to my skin as possible and for an extra silky finish, I always treat myself to a new razor head. The majority of my body hair has actually been lasered, but I always like to tidy up any odd ones that were left behind.

After shaving comes hair washing. The shampooing stage contains nothing OTT, but when it comes to conditioner, I go all out on the scalp massage, just like they do at the salon.

Not only is this extremely relaxing, but releasing the tension in your head significantly reduces forehead wrinkles and encourages hair growth too. So I fully embrace the soothing, circular motions for at least a couple of minutes before rinsing.

As for washing my body, on a day to day basis I opt for a shower oil. It’s pretty basic but super convenient as it works to clean AND moisturise in one simple step. However, when I’ve got time to indulge, I like to use my fancy, fragranced washes instead as it feels like pure spa luxury and the scent lingers all day long.

Once I’m out and wrapped in the fluffiest, hotel-esque robe you can imagine, I use my Dream Clean Cleanser at the sink with luke warm water. Cleansing AFTER my hair wash ensures all the hair product residue is removed from my pores so I’m left with clear, radiant skin. I always follow up with my 5 Minute Kit too and make time for a facial massage for perfectly chiseled cheekbones. I’ll link my full face sequence here for you.

The final step for my body is a generous layer of lotion. If I’m wearing a dress where my limbs are on show, I always go for a gradual tanning moisturiser. It’s (almost) completely foolproof and gives bronzed goddess vibes even if you’ve been bundled in jumpers since the end of September 🙌🏼

To finish, I add a drop of oil to each of my cuticles for strong, naturally polished nails.

When I eventually emerge from the bathroom, I genuinely feel like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Not only does this routine help me look my best, but it makes me feel so much better too. We’re always told this is the season of giving, which I totally appreciate, however giving yourself this time in amongst all the Christmas chaos, is equally as important ❤️

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!