Quickly Correct The 3 Areas Giving Away Your Age - By A UK Skin Expert

The 3 areas that give away your age

Amy x

Whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with embracing all the decades we’re fortunate enough to accumulate, I know most of you are here because, like me, you’re keen to remain as youthful as possible.

So, here’s how to prevent and correct skin ageing in these sneaky locations, so you’ll always look just as young as you feel 💕

1. Give yourself a helping hand...

Hands were always my Mum’s obsession when I was growing up. She had hand creams in every handbag, by every sink, extras in the car and was always delighted to receive them as gifts.

She felt that hers always looked dry, lined and dehydrated and these luxurious lotions helped to smooth and plump her skin…But only to a certain extent 🙈

As a qualified Aesthetician, I now know that dehydration wasn’t the problem, it was sun damage. Many of us spend hours a week driving here, there and everywhere with our hands fixed on the wheel. The sun’s ageing UVA rays then penetrate through the window screen (whatever the weather) and break down our precious collagen, leading to that wrinkled appearance.

Thankfully, this can all be prevented with a simple tweak to your routine. Rather than applying hand cream to your hands, apply Sunbeam Cream - SPF 50 instead. You’ll get maximum sun protection and hydration all at once and you can apply a layer of regular hand cream before bed, to maximise those nourishing benefits too 🙌🏼

2. A checkup, from the neck up...

One of my headteachers used to say this phrase when we messed up our work and she was baffled by what went on in our brain 😂 But what I mean by it is that skincare literally needs applying from your neck, up.

The skin in this area is much thinner and more fragile than the skin on your face, so it always shows the signs of ageing much faster. Again, this is because it’s an area often hit hard by the sun and is constantly strained as we stare down into our phones. This means overtime we start to notice deep horizontal wrinkles affectionately known as ‘necklace lines’.

If this isn’t the kind of necklace you’re after though, don’t worry! To both treat and prevent further damage, all you need to do is take your full 5 Minute Kit down to your collar bones. It contains all the active ingredients you’ll ever need to regenerate the skin and to super charge the results, I apply the products to my neck using circular motions.

The upward half of the circle helps to lift and tone my skin and the downward half drains toxins away from my face to reduce puffiness. It’s literally a moments work that will wipe years off the area.

3. Don’t turn a blind eye...

Our eyes are actually the first place to show signs of skin ageing and that’s for 2 reasons. Firstly, the skin in this area is approximately 40% thinner than the rest of your face and secondly, it’s one of the most exercised parts of the body.

We blink up to 19,000 times a day, plus we smile, frown and squint too. Over time, these repeated facial expressions pull on the delicate skin, creating grooves and fine lines. So the more we can relax our faces, the better!

Although it may sound too good to be true, one of the best ways you can do this is by going for regular eye tests. Not only is it crucial for maintaining your eye health, but it also prevents eye strain and muscle tension, which is what’s responsible for wrinkle formation. In fact I’m heading to the opticians first thing in the morning because my squinting is currently out of control!!

The other thing I’m religious about is applying my Miracle Eye Complex to my lids, under eyes and crow’s feet, every day. As the skin is almost twice as thin, it needs twice the attention and the ingredient Skin Tightener ST2, instantly gets to work firming any crepiness.

And there we have it 🥰 A little hat-trick of skin tips that will help to disguise those common telltale signs of ageing and ensure your skin remains as youthful as possible, for as long as possible.

Amy x

Amy is a qualified skin expert and founder of BASE. When she’s not writing about skincare, you’ll find her applying it, developing it or daydreaming about it instead!