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Do I need to double cleanse?
I thought we’d go back to the very beginning of our skincare routine and talk about THE most important step, cleansing. Double cleansing to be precise. If done incorrectly, any products you apply afterwards will be completely ineffective and nobody...
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What is Retinol and why does your skin need it?
Retinol is a hero ingredient of the skincare industry due to its incredible anti-ageing benefits. However, throughout my career as an Aesthetician, many clients have been slightly confused and baffled by what Retinol ACTUALLY is…. So don’t worry if you...
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Welcome to the BASE blog!
Hello, I’m Amy and I’m so delighted that you’re here! My aim for BASE is to deliver more than just skincare products. My goal is to provide you with a thorough skincare education that empowers your journey to a glowing...
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